Season Overview

WSCSA members purchase a "share" before the beginning of the growing season, paying for an entire season of produce up front. This bulk payment enables the farmer to plan for the season, purchase new seed, make equipment repairs, and more.

A "share" typically includes 7-10 types of vegetables for households with 2-3 individuals. We also offer Add-Ons such as fruit, eggs, meat, and various pantry items for an additional fee. 

Becuase we are a volunteer-run group, membership in the CSA requires volunteer shifts during each season to help with the work that goes into each pickup. Volunteer shifts generally occur during pickups, with members helping to unpack shares, check in other members, and keep the pickup areas clean. Some seasons, we allow members to “buy out” of one volunteer shift. More details on work shifts are in the next section.

The CSA is led by our Core Committee, a group of members who volunteer year round to manage the CSA.  Core Committee members work on sign ups, adding new members, cleaning the distribution site, coordinating member volunteers, and planning community-building or educational events. This frees the farmers to focus on growing and delivering the vegetables. Learn more about our Core Committee.

Washington Square CSa
New York City
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