Pricing changes season by season. If registration is open, details can be found on the registration form and in our mailing list emails. 

Member Agreement
Member Agreements are a mandatory contract typical to New York City CSAs. Please review past copies of the Member Agreement. These contracts outline the parameters of the CSA, and are signed electronically once you register for a share.

Work Shift Requirement
As stated in the WSCSA Member Agreement, CSA participation requires members to work between one and two 2-hour shifts, depending on the season. For more information on the work shift requirement, see section above.

Splitting Shares
Members are welcome to split shares with friends or roommates. However, in the interest of keeping check-in as simple as possible the entire share must be picked up by one person. Members are responsible for dividing their own shares. We can not accommodate people picking up part of a share, or leaving part of a share for someone else to collect. Our Facebook Group is a good way to connect with other members if you wish to split a share.

Payment Method
Payment is required in full before a member may begin picking up shares.

We accept electronic payments through Venmo and PayPal. To pay via Venmo:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Enter your bank account information (It is completely safe and owned by PayPal)
  3. Send money to Washington Square CSA at We will send you a confirmation email when we receive payment.

Make checks payable to "Washington Square CSA." Please contact for the mailing address.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Washington Square CSa
New York City
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